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Ole Johannes Kjærbu
Dead night to 25. January. It was a long time since we had lost him, we who knew him as a happy, lively and active man with a smittende humor and neat lines. A man who liked to talk to other people, seeking new knowledge and wanted to develop what he had created.
Ole was born on kjærbu in 1931. He managed to get 85 years. He had behind a traditional childhood and youth after contemporary samfunnsforhold, with grunnutdanning and development through workplace where he got a variety of training as yard worker, carpenter, billakkerer and creating. The last he used as the basis for the workshop he built and ran for many years, a garage many of us had the great pleasure of when we were getting our used cars.

Inger Lise Rypdal - AnsikterInger Lise Rypdal - AnsikterInger Lise Rypdal - AnsikterInger Lise Rypdal - Ansikter