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It is also common that customers in cruise ship auctions are surprised with additional fees added on top of what they originally bid. There are two prices: the “hammer price” and the “buyer’s premium.” The first is self-explanatory: it’s the amount to be paid once the hammer is struck, and the second price has another 15 percent or so added onto the hammer price. The associated contract will usually state which additional fees (like the buyer’s premium) will be included in the final price, but as we all know, contracts are lengthy, and often obscure the terms and conditions with legal jargon. Surprise costs like additional sales tax, shipping, handling and insurance charges, appraisal fees, and the price of framing can really add up, pushing that original price bid at auction a lot higher than anticipated.

Many were trained and deeply inspired by Whitney Stoddard , and S. Lane Faison , who headed the art history department at Williams from 1940 to 1969. Referred to as the "Williams Art Mafia" by the New York Times, Williams College art history graduates have maintained a long history of involvement and directorship in the most prominent museums, art trusts, and galleries in the United States.

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This is the case for certain invoicing rules , the standard rate of VAT and conditions for refund of VAT through the electronic refund scheme. The choices made by the EU countries can be found in this database.

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Art Lande - The Eccentricities Of Earl DantArt Lande - The Eccentricities Of Earl DantArt Lande - The Eccentricities Of Earl DantArt Lande - The Eccentricities Of Earl Dant